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IAM has an educational and Co-operative partnership with Arndell Park Early Childhood Learning Centre (Melbourne, Australia). 

Arndell Park Early Childhood Learning Centre is a pre-school providing education, care and holistic development programs the early childhood age groups. 

This educational partnership with Arndell Park ECLC allows for the exchange of best practice, systems and curriculum. IAM is able to integrate Australian educational curriculum into our Early childhood learning programs.


Melbourne, Australia


International Partnerships

IAM has an educational and Co-operative partnership with Training College of Australia (TCA)  Melbourne, Australia. 

TCA is an Australian government accreddited and registered training organisation providing tertiary qualifications in Business, Business administration, Early Childhood education, First aid training, Leadership and Management courses.


This educational partnership with TCA allows for the continuous professional development, in accordance with Australian qualification framework, of the entire IAM team including teachers and faculty members. IAM is able to upskill and upgrade the competencies of its entire team.


Melbourne, Australia


Actions for Earth – Global Youth Summit is a youth-led global platform for students to network, discuss and initiate innovation for sustainable solutions to protect children, fresh water and the natural environment from further destruction.


The International Academy of Marawi (IAM) has been a key supporter and participants of the Global Youth Summit (GYS). IAM has sent some of its brightest students (accompanied by their advisers) to the GYS in Singapore in 2018 where IAM students won first prize in Individual category and group category.

In 2019 the GYS was held in Indonesia, IAM students and their advisers secured first place prize in individual category.


In 2020, IAM students secured 3rd place prize amongst highly competitive international participants.


Singapore, Jakarta, Melbourne

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