Learning at IAM

Elementary School Grades 1-6

International Academy of Marawi (IAM) implements an inquiry-based curriculum founded upon the core ideas of internationally recognized curricula. Our balanced curriculum provides students with an education based on knowledge, concepts, skills and attitudes paving the way for them to become global citizens in the 21st century.

IAM elementary school students also participate in joint-learning classes in Physical Education (PE).

Middle School - Grades 7-9

International Academy of Marawi middle school believes learning is a process, all students can learn, and school should be an enjoyable and stimulating environment in which to learn. Students are encouraged to discover and construct meaning from information and experience. Individual needs, background, and development level serve as a starting point for all middle school learning programs.

In the classroom, the teacher models a guiding and facilitative role as opposed to information dissemination role. The middle school program strives to provide opportunities for choice, self-direction, and responsibility. Students learn interpersonal skills and the connection to community; students are valued and accepted, and, in return, learn to value and accept others. Assessment focus is formative, with appraisal by the teacher and includes peer and self-evaluation.

We believe that this student-centered approach is the best way for students to:

High School - Grades 9-12

The High School serves the developmental needs of students in grades 10 through 12. All students take English and Tagalog, Mathematics, Individuals and Societies, and Science. Art, music, design, and physical education are also an integral part of the curriculum in the secondary school. Students come to Hadiyyah with varying levels of English and Tagalog. Many of our students study both languages at an advanced level.

We help our students develop the ability to communicate with, and understand, people from various cultures, and thereby place special emphasis on language acquisition. At the same time, our students are encouraged to become aware of their own identity and culture and be able to place themselves in an international, global context. English language is an important subject in our curriculum for all students, as part of our effort to promote English language and culture in an internationally-minded environment.

We aim to nurture students who will cherish their memories at Haadiyyah and become adults able to create a global cooperation network within the Philippines and around the world.




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