Curriculum and Assessment

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Curriculum and Assessment

Assessment at IAM

Assessment is central to achieving our aim of delivering to individual needs and helping students achieve their best academic potential. Regular and varied assessment helps teachers identify where a students is in their current learning and where best to direct future learning. The information gathered form regular assessment is used to adapt learning programs and to scaffold experiences that allow individuals to improve their performance.

Measuring Academic Progress (MAP)

International Academy of Marawi will introduce the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) standardized testing program. MAP tests produce a true measure of student growth and achievement that can be measured over time from Grade 3 to Grade 9.

NWEA is a global non-profit educational services organization with over 30 years’ experience developing assessments, professional development, and educational research. Using their mission of "Partnering to help all kids learn" as a guide, they advocate for a student centered education policy based on highly accurate, reliable student performance data.




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